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John Murray and Kevin Mitchell fought their hearts out on Saturday and it was a great encounter.

John is a ‘no nonsense’ type of fighter and I do like his style; wearing his opponents down with constant pressure and, up until this with fight Kevin, he had always got his own way.

Kevin is also a very good boxer, with skills in abundance, and the fight was close up until the seventh round when Mitchell took control. I would love to see a rematch happen in the future.

Elsewhere in the boxing world, Randall Bailey is fighting on September 3rd on is the co-feature of Andre Berto’s world title challenge to IBF Welterweight World champion. Lou DiBella has enquired about my availability.

I was due to fight Randall Bailey last October in an IBF World Welterweight eliminator in Belgium and my name has been linked with Kendall Holt, Lamont Peterson and Joel Julio for US fights this year.

Those are the fights that interest me.

But until then my full focus is now on my weekend title fight with Jason Cook and last week was my last hard week in the gym – I completed 30 quality hours of working out.

A week before my fights I normally go to a spa and spend three or more hours pampering myself. It’s a way to relax and treat myself after all the hard work training.

Jason Cook is unknown outside of Britain and he will stay that way come Saturday. There is no way that a 40 year old Jason Cook can match me for ring generalship, speed, skills, heart and chin.

Every time Jason Cook has stepped up to world class level, he has been dropped and soundly outpointed or knocked out – with Gavin Rees and Aldo Rios doing just that.

I have been around world class level for the last few years sparring and fighting world class operators.

Jason Cook’s trainer Darren Wilson, has stated I would be his biggest win as a trainer if Cook were to be victorious on Saturday. Not being disrespectful to Darren, but it’s like the blind leading the blind. Darren hasn’t got the boxing knowledge to deal with the arsenal I have. When Cook is hurt and confused, Darren won’t know what to tell him.

I have been training for three months for this British title defence and I am looking forward to defending my title at the venue where I won it.

I have spent two months training at All Stars Boxing gym in London with Dave Brown, and did a month at Gleason’s gym in New York with Harry Keit and Jihad Abdul Aziz.

Everything from sparring, pads, technical work, fitness and strength conditioning have gone to plan and I feel in as good shape as I was against Lenny Daws, if not better.

I thought Lenny beat Jason convincingly in their encounter and although Jason had three or four good rounds, it was all Lenny otherwise.

When you look at our common opponent, which is Lenny Daws, there can only be one winner.

When Jason has stepped up in class he has drowned. When I step up in class I swim like a dolphin.

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