And the Heat goes on!

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Life can be made so much harder by people going out of their way to belittle your dreams. I’ve heard “you can’t” and “you won’t” over the last 12 years far too many times. I used this to energise my efforts and “I can” and “I will” is what I told myself and I did.

They say that many successful people often have to go it alone as their journey is not one that is normally trodden.

I understand this. For years I’ve believed in myself. For years I believed I would get to the top of the mountain. I’ve always believed I was good enough.

My talent wasn’t really recognised in the United Kingdom. I went to New York City in 2005, and they instantly loved me. Many telling me that I was good enough to be world champion. I instantly felt at home, it was such a positive environment. Not like in London, where I felt I was hitting dead end after dead end.

My dream was laughed at there, but in America they believed in me. They believe in dreams.

Sometimes that’s all it takes is for someone to believe in you. I always pushed hard. Relentlessly! I wasn’t afraid of coming up short. I just had to give my best. That’s all I ask from myself, all the time.

Even when it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I kept on digging.

After becoming world number four, British champion, International champion three times, fighting in five different countries and winning. I met and joined forces with René Carayol.

This man believed in me and saw something in me I never quite did. He helped me to dream bigger. Four years strong. Despite some ups and downs, we are still on course. His vision has come true. A vision I never saw, but I believed in him, and stayed true to the script.

I’ve been in hundreds of magazines across Great Britain. I’m currently on billboards in the United Kingdom. Whenever I’m in London, I’m privileged to be a guest on Boxnation, and recently was invited by Sky Sports to provide expert opinion and insight on boxing matters, on their ‘Toe to Toe’ podcast. This is the most watched boxing program in the world.

This coming week will see me being interviewed by CNN’s Ben Wyatt in Las Vegas, for a special piece on my upcoming fight and being in “The Money Team”.

Training this week has been hard. I’ve assembled my team of sparring partners to push me every minute of every round. All talented fighters based in Las Vegas.

For the next three weeks I’ll be using the Sub-zero recovery system in Las Vegas. Best cryotherapy in town. I have got to have my body performing at its best.

Training camp is not cheap, but to get the best out of your body you have to give it the best.

“Tough times don’t last. Tough people do” – Floyd Mayweather.


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