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Fighter Arrivals

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Media day this week at the Mayweather Boxing Club was an event in itself.

The best of America’s boxing reporters were on hand to watch the team work out, and they were keen to get our thoughts on our respective fights and the main event.

They listened intently as I gave my responses – “I don’t ever worry about my opponent… Experience counts… I’ve been here before… I’m beyond ready… I’ve never been knocked out before… It’s going to be an action packed fight… I’m one win away from a world title fight… I’m focused… It’s all about getting the W… I’m good for another few years… I’m still young and hungry.”

Angino Perez is a knockout specialist, it’s what he does. 13 of his 15 wins have come by knockout – 8 of his last 9 wins have come by knockout by round 4. Of course he’s dangerous, but I’ve never looked for the easy option. He’s got a 90% knock out ratio when winning.

That’s why there are so few Brits fighting abroad on the world scene. It’s risky business.

Danny Garcia, Pablo Cesar Cano, DeMarcus Corley, Delvin Rodriguez and Lenny Daws have been the best I’ve fought in a 41 fight professional career. I’m seeking to add fighters like Zab Judah, Humberto Soto and Lamont Peterson to that list.

I finished off my week with quality sparring with Ishe Smith, Mickey Bey and Zach Cooper, who has just been hired by Erislandy Lara to help him prepare for Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

I’m only a few pounds above my contracted weight limit. The stage is now set.

The team finished the week with a BBQ for family and friends.

The week ahead will see the ‘fighter arrivals’ on Tuesday, ‘fan workout’ on Wednesday, Press conference on Thursday, weigh in on Friday – then Showtime on Saturday. All at the luxurious MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Tune in to Showtime in America and BoxNation in the UK.

The biggest boxing event of the year is now upon us – and I’m ready and cannot wait!


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Huge thanks to Mary Ann Owen


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The countdown has now really begun. This is our last week of intensive gym work before May 2nd.

My opponent has 15 wins, with 13 of them by way of knock out. He has fought Carlos Molina who fights Adrien Broner on the same show as me. He has also fought WBA world lightweight champion, Richard Abril.

This will be my 42nd fight and every fight I have now is of the utmost importance. Any slip up will be detrimental to my mission. The close loss to Cano last September, cost me the fight I crave the most – the crack at the world championship.

I now want the big fights! The likes of former world champion, Julio Diaz, who fights Keith Thurman, former undisputed world welterweight champion, Zab Judah, Lamont Peterson, who recently defended his IBF world championship title against Dierry Jean, Humberto Soto, who is world number three, former world champion, Kendall Holt, and Amir Khan, who is fighting on the same show as me – these are all fighters that I’d fight at the drop of a hat.

To be the best you have to fight the best. They are some of the best of my era. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve trained so hard that some of my idols as an amateur, are now my rivals as a professional.

Less than two weeks until show time.

It’s always a pleasure training alongside Floyd. Every move and every feint has greatness written all over it. An incredible fighter who’s name will go down with the very best, and he will be remembered as the legendary fighter of this generation.

I always try and advise the younger fighters in Mayweather Promotions. I worked ten hard years without a promoter, going it on my own, fighting all over the world. Saint Lucia, Luxembourg, England and America are some of the places I was successful travelling to and doing battle. I had to earn respect the hard way, always trying to make a living. Losing very close fights that many feel and believe I won.

Now I’m being promoted by such a great fighter, that it raises the level of expectation. This is an opportunity that many fighters would do anything to have.

You just have to give your all. That’s what Floyd wants and that’s something I’ve always done. It’s the only way I know. I’m not great. I’m not legendary, but I’m trying to be the greatest I can be. Be a legend to those kids who also have dreams and maybe also wanted to quit many times before but for some reason refused to. That’s me.

Against all odds I believe in myself, and after ten years of being alone in this boxing world, Floyd Mayweather and Leonard Ellerbe decided to help me be the fighter I want to be, and maybe achieve those crazy dreams I once had as a kid.

This week The Money Team had an appreciation dinner party for Floyd, just to say thank you and let him know he is appreciated.

I’ve known Floyd for two years now, and he has shown me love from the very first time we met. He asked me about my career and what I had achieved. He told me he’d help me get the fights I want, and he’s delivered. Even before I was signed to him, he saw me walking the mile back to my apartment. He stopped his Lamborghini and asked me where I was going and dropped me home.

For my first fight with him, he let me open up his PPV telecast for the highest grossing fight ever in the history of boxing, and paid me the most I’d ever been paid in my career. He told me if there’s anything I need just ask him. I’ve got nothing but love and respect for Floyd as he’s been good to me from the start.

I’m just one of many that he has helped. He truly is rich at heart.

Floyd has made me The Money Team’s UK representative and it’s a role I hold with great honour.

Achieving your goals is always a matter of time, and Floyd and Leonard have now made this for me a matter of opportunity, and I’m eternally grateful.


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Cornelius Boza Edwards is being inducted into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame this summer, on Friday, The Money Team attended the inductee party which announces the boxing legends that are about to be inducted.

Floyd Mayweather, Roy Jones Junior, Evander Holyfield, Mike McCallum, Kevin Kelly, Shane Mosley and Zab Judah where just some of the world championship fighters to attend the event.

Boza thoroughly enjoyed the night. Floyd took to the stage and spoke to everyone in attendance about how much he values and respects Boza. That was a nice touch. A former world and European champion; Boza fought over 20 times in London, making his debut there. We have even fought at the same venues. He is appreciated more in America than in the UK. A special man!

Over the weekend I completed two photo-shoots at the Mayweather Boxing Club. One was for Mayweather Promotions and the other was for a photographer who had flown in from Los Angeles. I’m looking forward to seeing the end product.

The weather is getting closer to 100 degrees. The sparring is intensifying. The body is getting close to peak form. The mind is focused on the task at hand.

The weeks are flying by. Fight week will be here in no time.

I’ve fought some of the best fighters of my generation; two time world title challengers Delvin Rodriguez and Pablo Cesar Cano, world champion, Danny Garcia, and former world champion, DeMarcus Corley. I’ve been IBO International and British champion. I’ve beaten British, Commonwealth and African champions. I love the big fights. The big occasions.

May 3rd at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is another big occasion. The Superbowl of boxing.

R’n’B star Lloyd, Hollywood director John Singleton and Hip hop legend Doug E. Fresh, all popped into the Mayweather Boxing Club to watch Floyd workout this week. Doug even commented it was “like going to watch a superman movie”. NFL and NBA players often come into the gym and they are always mesmerized by the work Floyd puts in. I love it! I get to watch ‘greatness’ day in, day out. The best of boxing is my boss.

Working with Floyd and Leonard is a pleasure and something I am grateful for. From the first day I walked into the gym, they made me feel at home.

I represent Mayweather Promotions, but I also represent the United Kingdom across the world. DAMN! Life is good.


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