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Floyd Mayweather Jr. put on a real master class performance on Saturday night in Las Vegas. He showed the boxing world why he is the ‘P4P’ king with his knock out of Vicious Victor Ortiz.

Throughout the fight, Victor Ortiz was continuously using his head illegally against Floyd Mayweather. By the fourth round it seemed as if he was getting very frustrated with his lack of accuracy and limited opportunities, when in a premeditated fashion he lunged at Mayweather with his head. Joe Cortez, the referee, correctly, and immediately took a point off Ortiz.

Ortiz then somewhat bizarrely, apologized to Floyd by kissing him on his cheek and hugging him. Now, do you think that you would want to hug and kiss a person just after they had intentionally head-butted you in your face?

I wouldn’t!!

“Protect yourself at ALL times” is what we are told by the referee before every fight and Victor clearly failed to do that.

Many who have never been in the ‘heat of the ring’ are talking about ‘sportsman’s conduct’ – excuse me, but that does not come into this, as the referee clearly said “box”. So, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, when Floyd threw the left hook and straight right hand it was perfectly legal.

The referee, Joe Cortez has received a ‘lot of stick’ from British boxing fans and media after what happened to Ricky Hatton with Floyd Mayweather, but over the years he has remained a top level referee.

Saturday night was not one of his better days, and maybe he should call it a day now.

On the thorny subject of the venerable Larry Merchant; it has to be said that for years he has been taking negative ‘pops’ at Mayweather. Mayweather is a natural target because of his ‘cocky’ personality and you either like him or loathe him.

It’s far too obvious which camp Larry is in and we do need balance.

Larry Merchant has been a positive fixture in world boxing for a long time now and has been a welcome part of some great fights. At 80 years old, he has certainly done his bit and earned his recent and welcome appointment to the Boxing Hall of Fame, but this is a tough sport and no-one can beat Old Father Time and it could be time to hang his HBO gloves up.

Floyd Mayweather says he has five more fights in him. Well, Sergio Martinez, Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan, Miguel Cotto and Saul Alvarez make a mouth-watering potential list for Money Mayweather that we would all desperately want to see.

He really is the P4P king. We all may not love him but we can’t wait for his next challenger to step up.

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