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Having been a professional boxer for some nine years now, I pride myself on being a diligent, hard-working and dedicated athlete. I’ve had to do everything the hard way, and I would not ask for it to be any other way. I know that I have had to sweat a lot of blood and tears, and it makes it really worthwhile when things come together in such a positive way.

I’ve had a great career so far, which has seen me win the British title plus the Global Boxing Council championship and International Boxing Organisation championship in Germany. I have been ranked as high as fourth in the world.

I have beaten the world number three and two time world title challenger Delvin Rodriguez, and world number nine and former world champion DeMarcus Corley. I dropped a very close split ten round decision to world champion Danny Garcia who recently knocked Amir Khan out in four rounds.

I’m very proud of not just my career achievements, but also how it has been achieved – “hard work and dedication”.

I’m always looking to raise the bar at my training camps and Wellman products have helped me push my body to its limit and beyond. I feel like superman after an intensive eight week camp.

A tried and trusted approach of the ‘toughest I can take training’ coupled with the knowledge I have gained as a qualified dietician and nutritionist, and supported by taking products like Wellman Sport, Ultra Glucosamine, Ultra Omega-3 and Neurozan make my body work at high performance.

Healthy eating, non-stop exercising in the gym and taking Wellman is what any sports person or active person needs to support a healthy lifestyle.

I complete 25 to 30 hours exercising a week, and believe me, that is not easy. I have to push my body especially hard on the days I am tired and in pain, but my success in life and in the ring make it so worthwhile.

Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) are now, unfortunately, increasingly commonplace in boxing, with world champions Andre Berto and Lamont Peterson failing drugs tests over the last year.

We fear this might be the tip of a very dangerous iceberg.

I refuse to cheat or ever be tempted by PEDs.

There are a lot of young and upcoming boxers and athletes who look up to me. It has taken years to build that reputation, and it only takes one stupid decision to throw it all away.

Give me hard work, a balanced diet and the right proven supplements from a critically acclaimed organisation like Vitabiotics every time.

I am one of Britain’s best exports to America over the last five years, and I am proud of the fact I have done it the right and healthy way by exercising, eating healthy and taking Wellman products.

My future is bright. My future is owned by me. I’m fully responsible and proud of everything I do and take.

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

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